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This is a popular resiliency pattern that protects applications when the external services that they’re dependent on is unavailable. A visual representation of the pattern is attached below:

A year into this pandemic and I don’t remember any more what it’s like to have a conversation. Stuck at home, nowhere to go, no new people to meet and social media with the same debates and outrage. Rewind to a year ago when a normal day included collaborating with teammates, lunch time jokes about work and politics, WhatsApp gossip and timely calls from the family.

We were accustomed to the new normal: a short walk to the grocery store, an evening run in the park, online food orders and all this with mask on! Just when we got used…

Object Relational Mapping is a technique that helps represent and access your data from the databases in a object-oriented pattern. This technique not limited to Relational Database Management System (RDMS), is also used for NoSQL databases where further challenges on custom data type serialisation will surface.

If you’re working on migrating your ORM solution and you don’t know what’s going wrong, go over the list below to find out what you could be missing.

1. Defaults:

Each solution comes with defaults that could be contrary to your previous ORM solution. Possible configurations to look for:

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